Neuroscience and business management


Neuromanagement is the application of neuroscience for the successful management of companies.

It is about knowing the neurophysiological process and enhancing skills for the development of personal competencies in the business environment.

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At NextGoal Management, we work applying all the knowledge from neurosciences to human resources processes in companies.

Talent development

Management is an activity carried out by people, influenced by their personal characteristics, as determining elements of what has been called the managerial style. The purpose of Management Development is to prepare managers, with the premise of improving the future performance of the entire organization.

- Executive Coaching
- Talent mapping
- Management Development
- Team Building
- Skills development workshops

Organizational transformation

With the accelerated transformation of work environments, organizations have to face new technologies, bold competitors, demanding customers, new processes and operational changes. Professionals require an adaptive approach to the design of organizational structures, focus in the company's goals and looking for success in a complex and changing environment.

- Identity and corporate purpose
- Downsizing
- Change management
- Internal communication
- Climate and performance evaluation

Talent research

We help with staffing solutions, both for permanent and temporary positions, in all areas of business activity.

- Career advisory
- Recruiting
- Head hunting
- Personality tests


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